Friday, January 17, 2014

For Me or Maximo?

 I was working on a 
Pink and Brown Shell Stitch 
hat and scarf set.
The hat pattern I used is a 
combination of 2 patterns.

The top part, pink part is from 
"Cre8tion Crochet"
at this Link
Then I added a sc ban instead 
of the floppy band.
And a simple flower.

The scarf is the same 
shell stitch pattern, 
worked in rows, 

Well, I went to get coffee, and.....

Maximo snatched the hat 
off the coffee table
 and pulled it onto the couch.

I think he likes it.
But really Maximo and Rosie 
think everything I crochet is for them.

Silly Pooches!

Do your pets try to 
"help" you crochet?

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