Monday, January 13, 2014

Yarn Bomb in Downtown Parker, Colorado

I had a different blog planned for today,
 but when I was driving home I spotted  
some yarn bombing.
In Downtown Parker, Colorado we have
 several of these beautiful bronze statues.
This one is a country doctor that used to
 work here in the community.
Someone decided they needed scarves.
It is very windy and cold.
I love the big mound of snow behind them.
Here is a different angle.  
The good country Doctor is bandaging 
up a small boy,
 but I think it  looks like the boy is giving 
the Doctor a scarf.

I have a Love - Hate relationship
 with Yarn Bombing.
It bothers me when its left and dirty 
and no ones cleans it up.
But I love the Artistic flare of it.
And love when I find it in random places.

What are your thoughts on 
Yarn Bombing?

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