Sunday, January 26, 2014

What Not To Do When Blogging-

Ok, I have only been blogging
 for a few years,
 but I have learned a few things 
"What Not To Do".  or 
"Things that annoy 
me about other blogs".

This is not meant as criticism or meanness, 
Just what I have learned, as well as, 
Tips to help other Bloggers.

1. If your blog takes for then 7 seconds to load, I am leaving.
I love to read other peoples blogs, but I don't have the patience
 to wait too long for all the 'extras" to load. Adds are great, 
but not if you have so many it takes too long for everything to load.

2. If your Blog is too Wordy, I won't read it.
If your blog goes on and on about a subject, 
even if I am interested in the subject, 
I get bored, and leave.

3. If your blog is negative, I am out of there.
We can be sad, bothered and even up set, without being a downer. 
Address the issue with kindness and information, without bashing.
Blogs need to be informative, up lifting and fun, so people will follow
 and come back

4. Clear photography and clean pictures are a must.
If your pictures are all fuzzy, or  if your photo area is messy, you loss people.
 ie dishes in the sink or laundry on the floor, it is distracting and unprofessional.

The clear version of this pic is at the top of the blog.
No pic of dirty laundry, we know what that looks like.  

5. Equal amount of Words and Pics - 
To many words and not enough pics is boring, too many pictures and no 
explanation is distracting.
I tend to lean toward more pics, then words, unless it is a pattern.
You may be an exceptional writer, But people are visual, they want to
 "see" what you are talking about.

These are just my opinions, 
and meant as a help to other bloggers.
Hope these help you...Thanks.

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