Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine Wreath Project

My Valentine Wreath project 
turned out pretty good, I think.
Here is what I did:
I bought a wreath form and 
the little heart ornament from 
Hobby Lobby.
And Gathered some fun yarns.
1st I used the black, grey and white yarn 
and made a long ribbon , 
and put it around the wreath. 
I also chained the yarn to make a hanger.
2ndly I curled all red tinselly things with a pencil.
3rdly I crocheted 9 hearts using the diagram 
I posted a few days ago.
You can find the Diagram HERE.

4th. I sewed 6 of the hearts around the heart frame, 
then I sewed the last 3 to the bottom.
I attached the wooden ornament 
to the center of the heart frame.
Then I hung it on my door.
I love it!
Do you decorate 
for Valentines Day?
What do you do?

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