Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reflective Yarns

Reflective Yarns are all the Rage!

Well, I ordered 12  skeins of reflective yarn
 from Joann's web page.
 I got a notice 3 days later, 
that it was all out of stock,
then, I go on line 
and it shows it is IN stock.
I was totally bummed! :(

Then I decided to make  a trip 
to Joann's here in town.
And they are out of Stock.

 So, I went to Micheal's. 
They didn't have a clue 
what I was talking about.

Lastly, I went to Hobby Lobby,
Where I found it!
I Love This Yarn Reflective Yarn.
They only had it in yellow and orange,

Look closely at the Label.
It is blurry, but, It says, 
" Reflective PET Yarn"!

I Looked on line,
 to see if there where other colors, 
 but couldn't even find 
the reflective yarn on 
Hobby Lobby's webpage.

I  did pick up a couple of other things....
Some Bright neon variegated yarn, 
and some collar clips!

I see some new 
Posh Pooch  Designs 
Crochet Patterns 
Coming Soon!!!
Where any of you able to locate
 some Reflective yarn?

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