Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Importance of Crochet Pattern Testing

As a crochet pattern designer, 
Pattern Testing is very important. 

I want to start off with saying,
 "I am very thankful for those who have, 
who are, and will test my crochet patterns.
I can not do, what I do, without you.
 You are a vital part of my designing process."

But what is expected from a 
crochet pattern tester?

Well, let me back up a little and explain 
my designing process,
 before it ever reaches the testers. 

First, I have an idea in my head.
Then, I usually make a sketch.

I then, have to decide what size, 
yarns, Hook and stitches I want to use.
I decided on Red and Grey,
I Love This Yarn!  Worsted weight
and  G - Hook

Now I am ready to
 begin the designing process.

After several tests and 
much frogging, usually.
The photographs are made and edited.

Then the writing begins.
Sometimes, I write as I go.

(If you would like the Paw Patrol Badge 
Crochet pattern,
 It will be in tomorrow's Blog)

Next, the typing, editing, 
re-writing, re-editing--
Sometimes, a headache 
and several cups of coffee.

Now I have a  un-tested,
 finished Crochet pattern.
All this takes place BEFORE
 the Crochet pattern testing begins.

I have a few Pattern Testers
 I always use, 
 I also like to ask for a few more testers. 
Fresh eyes are always great!

Ok, back to the question, 

"What is expected from a 
crochet pattern tester?"

It's really quite simple.

For Crochet Pattern Testers For
Posh Pooch Designs

When testing for me I only have a few things 
I am asking of you:

1. Please Read through the pattern completely 
before starting the pattern. 
Use the same yarn and hook I have used in the pattern, 
and work the pattern to the finish (unless you get stuck).

2.  Please check for spelling errors. 
The computer doesn't always catch them.

3. Please make a note of any part that you do 
not understand and mistakes. and email those to me.

3. Also, I am asking for a picture, on your dog 
of the finished item. It does not need to be  a 
professional picture, just one you took.

You can email it to me or I prefer you to post 
them on the group page so others can see your work.


Enjoy    Sara Sach

All my patterns are written by humans, 
tested by humans and edited by humans…. 
having said that….because of the human element they
 may contain errors. 
Please, please, please contact me with any questions, 
comments or errors. 
I will be so happy to help..
and even retest a pattern if needed.

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