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Basic Crochet Term Abreviations | Posh Pooch Designs

I have had a lot of People ask me,
 "What do all the Crochet Abbreviations mean"?

Most crochet patterns and pattern designers include a 
"Stitches and Terms" section at the top of the pattern
that include the abbreviations used and what they mean.

This is so you can refer back to them when ever needed.
The basic United States terms and abbreviations
 are as follows:

US Crochet  Terms

Stitches Terms and Techniques:
Chain                                                    ch
Slip Stitch                                            slst
Single Crochet                                     sc  
Half Double Crochet                           hdc 
Double Crochet                                    dc  
Treble Crochet                                       tr 
Double Treble Crochet                         dtr  
Front Post Double Crochet                  fpdc
Back post Double Crochet                   bpdc
Front Loop Only                                   flo
Back Loop Only                                   blo
Foundation Single Crochet                   fsc
Foundations Double Crochet               fdc
Foundation Half Double Crochet         fhdc

Other Terms
Skip              sk
Space            sp
Stitch            st
Change         chg
Together       tog
Decrease       dec
Increase        inc

You can see this Video on my Youtube Channel at This LINK

There are more terms then these I have listed,
 but these are the ones most used.

Do not get frustrated.

If you see an abbreviation that you don't 
know what it is, 
you can always ask the designer of the Pattern
or Google it.
Most Patterns designers list their email address
 right in the pattern.

Here is a list of the 
NOT So Official Crochet Terms
 that Crocheters often use.
"The Not So official Crochet Terms"

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