Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Do's and Don'ts of a Live Video Chat | Posh Pooch Designs

I Love The new Feature for 
Live Video Chats on Facebook.
 You can see the one's I have done on my page at
Posh Pooch Designs in my videos.

 I am really loving that people can see who I am,
Putting a face to Posh Pooch Designs.
I have learned a few things, 
and still have more to learn.

After talking with a few of my 
"Watchers and Listeners" 
I have put together a few "Do's and Do Not's"
When Filming your Live Video Chats.
I hope these are a help to you.

 Let's Start With the "Do's"

1. Do Be Real - Be yourself and talk about yourself.
Don't go into to much detail. But people like to
 know who they are doing business with.
Be excited and show your passion for your art!

2. Have a Specific Topic you want to talk about,
a theme for the week. Stay on topic, 
but also, leave room for flexibility.
It is a  Conversation, not a speech.
Be informative and fun!

3. Have fun, tell a joke or a silly story.
It will help you relax and be more comfortable.
It will also, help to get the conversation going.
Laugh and smile and be genuinely happy!

4. Watch Those Comments - That is how the watchers communicate. Try to respond to every comment.
Let  them know you are glad they are listening, 
and of course we are!
And Tell them so, "I am so happy You are here" 
or "Thanks you for watching"!
Call them by name, and if you can not pronounce
their name, tell them so.

5. Give  A Ways are a great way to pull people in and 
let them know you are having a Live Video Chat.
Also a great way to get fellow Designer's names out there.

Now The "Don'ts" 

1. Do Not be negative - No one likes that.
No complaining, griping or whining about 
customers, sales, family, friends or anything.
It is okay to have a sad moment, like when talking about 
some one or a pet who passed, but move on quickly -
do not camp there.

2. Do Not rattle on- Make notes and keep your notes near.
If you seem like you are rattling on, 
they will leave and think it is not important 
enough to you, to plan ahead. You can deviate from 
those notes, but it is good to have a guide of what you 
want to talk about.

3. Do Not be in a messy room - Be aware of your back
ground and surroundings. If there is clutter and
 mess, people will be distracted and turn you off.
Like Stuff on the back of the couch, dishes in the sink, 
toys on the floor or laundry baskets. 
You want the focus on you. 

4. Do Not leave the television or radio on. 
This is extremely distracting. 
If you need to keep your kids busy while you film, 
shut the door or turn it down.
Even Quite music in the back ground can be distracting.
A Quiet room is best.

My Goal is to get more watchers and listeners,
to my  Live Video Chats,  
and to get those watchers and listeners involved.
As Well as, To make lasting contentions and friends.

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