Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Crochet Skill Levels | Posh Pooch Designs

I get lots of questions about 
Crochet Skill Levels on Patterns.
The one question I get the most is 
"This is an Easy pattern, 
but it seems hard for a Beginner crocheter"?

That is because a
 "Beginner Crochet Pattern" and
 a "Easy Crochet Pattern"
are NOT the same thing.

You Can See This Video on my Youtube Channel at This LINK

Here is a chart of the 
Basic Skill levels that are used by 
Most Crochet Pattern Writers.
I say most because a few of us 
have a few more "levels"  
that we use occasionally.
Some times we use other terms 
for a better description,
 for example, I also have what I call a
"Easy to Moderate level"
 which I use when I think it is an easy pattern, 
with a different stitch or technique,
 but not hard enough to be 
considered intermediate.

Remember if you do not understand - 
You can always ask the pattern designer!
Their email is always in the pattern.

I hope this helps explain the Crochet Skill levels better.

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