Friday, May 20, 2016

Dog Sweaters Custom Made - New Etsy Listings | Posh Pooch Designs

I have made many Custom made Dog Sweaters
  through the years.
 They are my favorite items to make.
 And I love to see the dogs, and cats too, wearing them.
I love getting pics and seeing that they love them.

 Custom Orders are my most favorite kind of order!

I listed a some of them in 
Here are a few of the listings:
For Small Dogs
It is a Sweater with a full tummy and
There are 2 styles of flowers to choose from.
And you can choose any color or 
combination of colors for the sweater. 

For Small Dogs
This Sweater is a summer Style, 
with a fun little trim on the hem and neck.
It has a full chest, but no sleeves.
You can choose between, hearts, butterflies or 
cupcakes for your appliques.
And Any color combination you want.

For Small Dogs
This is a basic Dog sweater with a full chest, 
and fun big Flowers  with buttons at the center.
This Sweater can be made any colors of choice.

ANY Sweater, or item you see listed in 
My Etsy, or My Ravelry shops as a pattern,
 Can be a custom made item for you or your pet.
And ANY size. 
 If you want a larger dog size sweater or hat, 
or anything, just hit that
 "Request a Custom Order" tab or contact me 
and I will be happy to give you a quote.

Here is a link with pics of Dogs wearing
Custom items I have made for them.

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