Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What Is Your Favorite Crochet Hook? | Posh Pooch Design

What are all those styles of Crochet Hooks for?
And does what the Crochet hook
 is made out of matter?
Will it make a difference in my project?
There are so many styles and types,
 I just do not know what to get?
(this is just a tiny amount of the crochet hooks I own!)

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One of the big Questions is, 
"Which do you prefer, 
Bates or Boye Crochet Hooks?"

These 2 hooks are both N-15 US/10.0 mm
For comparison.
You can see they are definitely different.

Here is a picture I made to show you the
Anatomy of a Crochet Hook.
Basic Types Crochet Hooks

Aluminum Hooks -   These hooks are the most popular hooks.
 They are available in all sizes.
 They are smooth to work with and last forever.

Bamboo Hooks – These hooks are lightweight.
 They are available in all the average sizes, but not in the smallest
 and jumbo sizes. They are not as durable as aluminum hooks.

Plastic Hooks – These hooks are available in all the common sizes,
 as well as jumbo hooks.
They are very large and are usually made of hollow plastic, 
because it is lightweight. They are not as durable as the Aluminum hooks, 
and are a great choice for beginners.

Steel Hooks – These hooks are for the smallest sizes. 
They are mainly used when crocheting fine thread.
 Although these are very tiny hooks, they are a very durable.
 In addition, they have a smooth flow.

Tunisian Hooks – These hooks are longer than regular hook and have
 a stopper on the end, similar to a knitting needle.  
Tunisian crochet is also called afghan crochet, and the fabric looks
 different from normal crochet, and a little like knitting.
Some Tunisian hooks will have a cord attached, 
with the stopper on the end of the cord.
This is for large projects like blankets.

Cro-Hook – These hooks are long, with a hook on both ends. 
It is a sturdy hook. It is considered a Tunisian hook, 
And used with the Tunisian style crochet.

There are a lot of different brands with 
different types of handles. 

I hope this blog gives you a better 
understanding of Crochet Hooks.
 But it really boils down to what type and Style
 of crochet hook you prefer.

So, Which one is your Favorite?

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