Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What is a Yarn Bowl? | Posh Pooch Designs

What is a Yarn Bowl? What is it Used For? Why do I need one?

Basically a yarn bowl is a bowl that has a hole or several holes.
 You place your yarn ball in it and it keeps it from rolling off, 
as you crochet or knit.
A yarn bowl is not a  tool you have to have, but it sure make keeping up with balls of yarn a lot easier.

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Yarn Bowls can be made out of wood, glass, ceramic or plastic.
I purchased this beautiful one, hand made with the paw prints
 on it, a few years ago.
I love it, but I think it is too pretty to use for everyday. 
I am afraid I might break it.
I  made this one from Polymer clay.
Here is the blog link of how I did it.

This one I crocheted out of T-Shirt yarn.

You do not have to buy one, or make one.
There are many house hold items, that you may have laying
 around, that would make great "yarn bowls".

Do you have one of these?
It's a tea kettle, and it makes a perfect "yarn bowl".
and you can find many lovely ones at thrift stores
 and garage sales.

How about one of these?
You can put several balls of yarn in, and just turn it when
 you need a different color.

I am sure there are many items that we can used for keeping those balls of yarn from running away.

There is nothing I dislike more then having to get yarn balls out from under the couch!
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