Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How I Made A Yarn Bowl With Polymer Clay

Okay, lets Get Started.
So I had a bunch of left over Polymer clay 
and wanted to make something fun out of it.
I have made a bunch of buttons,  beads and key chains. 
I searched on Pinterest for a blog that
 had  made a  Polymer Clay Yarn Bowl.

I found one at
Her yarn bowl is beautiful. 

Looked easy, right?
I preheated the over to 225.
And Began to roll out the canes.

Put out a large piece of parchment paper, 
and began to form the canes in a fun circle shape.

I then began to roll out the canes until they were pretty flat.
I used the dog bone cookie cutter to form
 the shape for the yarn to go through.

I shaped the circle around a oven safe bow, 
cut our the shape for the yarn to come thorough.
I am thinking this is pretty fun, pretty easy 
and I am loving the funky design.

I put the bowl on a cookie sheet, 
and baked the bowl for 30 minutes.
When the timer went off I was so excited......

Well, my excitement stopped when after cooling the bowl,
 for about 30 minutes,
 It broke into many colorful pieces.

I was very disappointed, 
but determined to try again.

So I did.
I didn't have as pretty a mix of colors,
But I do like how the colors look.
I did everything exactly as I did on the first bowl.

A good tip - Spray the glass bowl with cooking oil.

So here is the yarn bowl. 
It is cute, but very fragile and not really usable.
It is a pretty prop.

 It was fun to play with the clay, though.
If you try this, let me know your results.
I would love to see your yarn bowls.
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