Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why does my Yarn Have a Knot and How can I fix it? | Posh Pooch Designs

"Why Does My Yarn Have A Knot 
and How Can I Fix It?"

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First lets talk about "Why yarn can have knots"?

Don't get upset or mad at the yarn company,
 because you have a knot.
Any Yarn, no matter the company,
 will have a knot pop up occasionally.
It happens during the process of winding the yarns
 into skeins, balls or hanks.
The yarn is Wound off of large Spools, 
and when the spool ends,
 a knot is added to connect the next spool.

The knot is not intended to be permanent.

When a knot is needed, most yarn companies 
add a few extra yards of yarn, 
so you have enough to join properly 
and to finish your project.

Now we have a knot, What do we do?

There several ways to join yarn. 
And to me it really depends on the yarn and the project.

In the video I show you 2 ways That are my favorite.

1. Joining at the end of a row or round.
This works great for most projects but if you are not
 at the end of a row or rounds, can waste a lot of yarn.

2. The Russian Join, works great for most yarns.
It is more difficult with cotton yarns, though.
Especially if you HATE weaving in the ends.

So if your yarn has a knot, 
Do not panic or get mad!
Free Crochet Pattern Coming soon!
Just deal with it, and smile.

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