Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Live Video - What Happens when you Pick up and Hook and Yarn? | Posh Pooch Designs

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Today I want to say Thank You to all 
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 "I love What I do, and Because
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let's Have a little Fun!

What Happens when you pick up a Hook and Yarn?

1. You become a Crocheter - The moment 
you pick up a Hook and Yarn you become a Crocheter, 
Whether you are a beginner or expert.
It is now a part of who you are!

2. You become an Artist -
Mixing colors,  textures and  yarn weights creating 
wonderful fiber masterpieces.

3. You become a Magician -
You take a stick and yarn, Mumble to your self.
and magically turn it into a something amazing, 
and no one knows how you did it.

4. You also become a Member in a 
world Wide group of Crocheters. 
We speak our own language of Wips, Skips and Chains.
We understand each other's love of yarn,hooks, 
and patterns. And we don't judge.

5. Lastly, you become a Collector,
Or Some would say a Hoarder -- 
How many Crochet Hooks do you own?
How much yarn to you own?
How many Patterns do you have saved or printed?
Yeah, I am not telling either!

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