Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"Live With Sara and Keeping It Real" / Posh Pooch Designs

"Live With Sara"
Today's Live Video is all about "Keeping It Real".
I am Feeling better and so Glad to be back... I have a ways to go... And ready for the Challenge.
I will explain a little of my last 2 weeks journey, 
surgeries and the future... but NOT too much..
 That would be a drag! 

Also, I was asked this question recently,
And we will be discussing

"What Are Some Tips For Crochet Beginners?"
I have put together 6 tips or suggestions for beginners.

See The Video on my Youtube Channel 
at This LINK

1. Learn To Read a Written Crochet Pattern - Do not depend on videos or pictures. Videos and pictures are to help you. But You will miss out on a lot of wonderful patterns and techniques if you do not learn pattern reading basics. And if you do not know a stitch...Google is your Friend!
2. Remember, American terms are not the same a European terms. Check the pattern before starting, and ask the designer of the pattern, if it is not clearly stated. Abbreviations, terms and 
even stitches can be different.

3. Do not crochet above your skill level - If you are just beginning do try to stitch up a pattern is that is too hard. Search Beginner patterns on Ravelry or Pinterest. You will only get frustrated and want to give up. Once you have mastered a stitch or technique, you can move up to the next level.

4. Do not expect perfection - Yes we want our pieces to be perfect, but Crochet is an art, and some of the missteps or imperfections can be really beautiful!
5. Slow and Steady - Practice, practice, practice - You will need to practice, make swatches, lots of taking out and trying.
Again, Crochet is an art, an ever growing art. The more you practice the better you will become.

6. Learn To Measure as you Go -Your tape measure is one of the most important tools in your crochet bag - Learn to measure as you go, and measure everything. It will save you frustration and time. 

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