Friday, January 24, 2014

Reflective Yarn Dog Collar

This is More of a technique,
 then a Crochet pattern.
So I am going to tell you 
how I made a Dog Collar with
 Reflective yarn.

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What You will need-
Tape measure 
A small amount of Reflective yarn
 G -Hook
A regular dog collar 
( I found some at the Dollar store)
After pricing, the buckle, clips and D rings,
 it was way cheaper to us a reg. collar, 
then to buy all the pieces.

Measure your dog's neck and 
set the collar to your dog's
 neck measurement.

With the reflective yarn of choice, 
make a slip knot,
then wrapping the yarn around
 the end of the collar,
 sc across until you reach the little buckle.
ch 3, then continue to sc 
around the collar
 until you reach the end of the collar.
Then tie off, 
weaving the yarn in at both ends.

AND That's it!

Rosie wearing the Yellow collar.

Both dog's wearing the collars.

Here is where I hang them, 
right by the door.
So all I have to do is put them on 
and take them off quickly.

I also have a crochet pattern
 for a leash and
 collar that would
 be perfect for this yarn.

here is the link:

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