Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rosie Bell Loves Her Fancy Dog Dresses

Rosie Bell Loves Her Fancy Dresses
By Sara Sach of

Not only does Rosie Bell love her Dresses,
She loves to model Them.
All I say is "Do you want to Model?"
And she is prancing and jumping around, 
tail wagging, with excitement.

I got Rosie When She was 12 weeks old, 
weighing a little under a pound.
From Day one, she has loved to wear 
and model her dresses.

She gets paid well... in love and dog cookies!

Here is a list of the 7 Most Popular Crochet Dresses.
You can find the Crochet patterns
 in my Ravelry Shop By clicking each link:

Of course, I would be happy 
to custom make any of these,
Dog Dresses
 in any colors for your dog, 
or cat, or even bunny!

You can find all of these styles 

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