Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Momma

Today is April 27th      
It is my Mom's Birthday
Lisa- my sister,                Ann-Mom,                   Sara-Me
This picture was taken 
the day before she started Chemo.

She is celebrating in heaven
 this year.

Here is a short video
my husband put together,
for her funeral.

She loved to laugh and have fun.

I will never forget the day, I came to pick her up
 for her last Chemo treatment.
Mom had lost all her hair.
And had several nice wigs,
 but I didn't expect to see her in this hot pink wig.

It was awesome. 

When she went to Chemo,  it would take all day. 
So we would take candy and treats for whomever 
else would be there.
Peppermints were always good for settling the tummies.

And we would bring games like Uno and skipbo, 
and try to include as many, who could play. 
 There would be many people alone, in the Chemo area. 
And she would chat, tell silly jokes
 and try to cheer everyone up.
That is just the way she was.

I would feel bad because of what 
she was going through, 
and try to cheer her up 
and she would cheer me up!!!

Momma's hair was dark like mine, 
But she secretly wanted to be a blond.
So she got a blond wig. 

She loved people.
And she Loved The Lord.
She was Amazing!

Happy Birthday,
I Love you!

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