Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Treasury - Cotton Washcloths, Pot pads and More

When I first started working with cotton yarns
 I did not like the feel of them.
But as I worked with it more and more
 I started to really like it.
 so I began to find patterns
 that were quick to make, 
and fun to make, as well.

I know you will love these.

These patterns are not mine, 
They are ones I found, 
and wanted to try.
I really like them and
 will definitely make more.

You can find the 
Free crochet patterns here:
just click the links

These 4 Crochet patterns
 are Written By me.
All of these are fun, quick 
and easy to make.

You can find the 
Free Crochet patterns Here:
just click the links

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