Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Got A POM POM Maker!

I took my 40% off Coupon from Hobby Lobby
and decided to Go ahead and get a Pom pom Maker!
I ♥ It!

It comes with two sizes.
The tiny one is perfect for Dog hats and
the larger one is great for other projects.
It looks sort of odd, but it is really cool.
You just wind your yarn around the one "arm" then
close it, open the other side and
wind your yarn around it, and close it too.

"piece of cake!"

( hum...I wonder if there is any of that choc. cake left?)

Then you just cut all the yarn around the pompom maker.
no pieces of yarn all over the place or wasted in the trash basket.

(Is it wrong to have cake for breakfast,
  isn't a donut cake?)

Next, Cut a long piece of yarn and tie it around the center.

( I know I saw  the frosting container,
in the frig.)

Then open up the pom pom maker...
And wa la ...
 a cute little perfect pom pom!

( Now where is that cho. cake!)

1 comment:

Elisabeth Spivey said...

you crack me up! with all those subliminal cake messages! Now I want cake!