Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smiles Dog Collar Crochet Pattern

There have been so many reasons to be in a sad mood lately,
So I decided to design a fun Dog Collar to Cheer us all up.

It must be made with a bright color
 and have a smile on it. 

Smiles Dog Collar Crochet Pattern by Sara Sach
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Skill: Easy

Materials :
Hook: I / 9
Yarn Needle
1 inch button
3 pony beads and 1 larger smiles face bead ( or beads of your choice)
Yarn : C1 - yellow Worsted weight yarn, C2- White worsted weight yarn
Small amount of Crochet Cotton thread for beading

Chain (ch0
Single Crochet ( sc)
Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Star Stitch (star st)

Note:The instructions for this pattern are little bit " free-er" then I usually design,
so no row or round counts)

With C1, Ch 31 ( for a 8 inch neck) stitch 13 star sts

Ch 38 (for a 10 inch neck) stitch 14 star sts

Ch 45 (for a 12 inch neck) stitch 15 star sts

( To lengthen more add 7 chs, which equal 1 more star per 2 inches,
 this may also vary depending how tight or loose you stitch. )

Ch 31, in the 2nd ch from the hook, pull up a loop and keep on hook,
 pull up one loop in the next four chs, keeping them on the hook,
(6 loops on the hook) loop yarn on hook and pull through all 6 of the loops.

( first bottom of the star stitched--this row will stitch the bottom
1/2 stars and the next row will complete the top of the stars)

* Insert your hook in the ch1 loop just made and pull up a loop,
pull up a loop at the base of the last st worked, then pull up 1 loop
 in the next 3 chs for 6 loops on the hook ,
 loop yarn and pull through all 6 loops, ch1

Repeat from * across ch. sc in the last ch, ch1, turn

This row will work the top of the stars: Ch 2, 3 hdc in each ch1 at the center of each star across, sl st to join,

Here is a good link on how to do the star stitch : Link

Join C2, sc across the top of the collar, 3 sc in the end of the collar,
then sc across the bottom of the collar, ( the collar will have a natural curve to it.)
evenly space 4 sc across the last end, join to first sc, turn ch 3 and join to corner,
5 sc on the ch , through the hole, to form the button hole, join and tie off.
Weave in all ends.

This one in in reverse - the Star stitch is stitched in yellow,
with the trim in white.

Beaded Charm:
Thread needle with a 12 inch piece of crochet cotton,
thread on the 3 bead and the large charm bead.
Thread the needle back up through the three beads.

Then sew onto the center front, bottom of the collar, so it dangles down in the middle.

Isn't This collar Cheerful!
We get to learn new techniques :
The Star Stitch and  how to add a beaded charm.

here are a few more Crochet patterns
to Bring a little Sunshine to your Day!

White star stitches with Yellow Trim

Rosie Bell Says ,
 " Have a Paws-itively tail waging Day!"


Sue said...

Thanks for posting all these great dog collars. Your little brown chi looks just like my Nellie. I intend to make her some of these collars to match her outfits!...lol...
Thanks again,
Sue Allen

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Colin Seal
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