Monday, May 30, 2011

Oklahoma Aquarium + Grandkids= FUN!

This is our Last Week in Tulsa, as we are moving to Parker, CO next week.  My daughter, SIL and our grandkids came down for a week-end visit. We went to  the Oklahoma Aquarium for some fun memories.
This blog post contains lots of cool pics
 of my grandkids!!!

Ayden and the Alligator.

2 Nemos!

Cleaning the tank.

Touching things!
The have several touching tanks.
And feeding tanks.
star fish, horse shoe crabs, stingrays, tiny sharks
and several things I didn't know what they were.

An Actual Shark cage!
Ayden, Calleigh and Elisabeth, my DD,


Weird fish

All kinds of fish.
More fish!

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