Friday, May 20, 2011

A Sock Monkey Hat For Me!

I have made many Sock Monkey items,
but nothing for me.
So I decided to find a
Sock Monkey Crochet Pattern
and make one.

 I started my search for a Pattern
on and
was willing to purchase one,

When I came across this
Sock Monkey Hat
Free pattern .

I Love the pattern and
 I like how it is written -
Easy to understand.
So here is my Hat:
I know, I know, my dog's are
 better models then I am.
But isn't this a darling Sock Monkey Hat.

Any way, I just had to share this pattern,
it is a great pattern and it is free!

Here is my Sock Monkey hat next to
Sock Monkey Hat,
My Chichuahua

If you would like me to make you a 
Sock monkey Hat, 
just contact me.
I would be Happy to make you one.
Here is the hat a little closer..
Oh, pooh, That ear is till flopped over!

If you would like me to
 make one for your pooch,
 you can order one at these links:

Med to Large Custom made
16-50lb dogs

XXS to Small Custom Made
2-15 lbs dogs
You can chose the colors and Style!
Sock Monkey Dog hat 
for Small Dogs.

I think I am becoming obsessed
 with Sock Monkeys!,
That are just so stinkin' cute!


Elisabeth Spivey said...

HI my name is Sara and I'm a sockmokeyacholic :) Love you mom! very cute!

Posh Pooch Designs said...

I know..I was just looking up Sock Monkey history!

Jackie said...

I LOVE sock monkeys too! Awesome hat...and great pictures....your creations are so cool!