Thursday, May 12, 2011

We are moving -- YIKES!!

My Husband and I are relocating to Parker , CO.
 We found a wonderful house we love and are closing on May 31st.
This is scary, exciting and sad all at the same time.

The house is a Ranch style,
  with a full finished basement with garden level windows. 
 Plenty of room with a nice big Craft/Yarn room for me!

But the truth is..I really love our home here in Oklahoma..
We have remodeled every room, putting a little "piece" of
ourselves into every room.
We have lived here for 16 years, and boy you can
accumulatea lot of "Stuff" in 16 years.
Our children grew up in this house, and I think I did too (sort of).

Yes, The new house is much "newer" and modern,
But I haven't learned to love it yet. 
 I am sure I will, once we get there and get settled.

I truly believe this house was meant for us..
Can you see the paw prints, in the lower right
 hand corner in the cement pad.
The previous owner had a hot tub here,
I am going to put  swing or glider.

Here is the close up of the Paw Prints.
This just seals the deal for me.


Paulie said...

I was against dog clothing at first, thinking it was a stupid thing to do, dress up your pet, but when my lil'pooch got really cold one winter morning, I decided to buy him some dog sweaters and see if helps at all. He immediately accepted them and he stopped shivering during our morning walks so now I'm very pro-dog clothing if they really do help them stay warm.

Lisby said...

I love, LOVE Colorado! My sister has a place out there and I've been trying to get my husband assigned to Fort Carson, CO. I'm a midwesterner myself but I just love being out there.