Saturday, May 7, 2011

Maximo And Rosie's First Plane Ride!

We flew back from Denver today,  Maximo and Rosie
Got to take their first Plane ride.
 I bought the top of the line Sherpa carrier.
It has a fuzzy lamb's wool  cushion,
opens at the top or side.
Very Roomy and comfortable.

 A little dogs dream .

So I put it out, and got them used to it. 
Threw a treat in it, or a toy and they began to like it
 and sit in it, and even sleep in it
.....All while opened at the end.

So we headed to the Denver Airport, both dogs had gone potty and I gave them each a chew bone to keep them busy.   All was well till we had to go through security.  Of, course we couldn't take them through the scanner, but their bag needed to be scanned, so they told us to take the dogs out and walk through, holding problem....With all the people around, Rosie was not budging, When we finally got her out of the bag, she tinkled on Her daddies shirt!  Oh! No!

Maximo just looked around...
I had given them a "Doggie calming tablet" I got from Pet Smart.
Maximo was def. chilling.

Here the dogs are already to get
on the plane and head to Tulsa.

All went well with the flight, until we were on the descent.
I think it was hurting Rosie's Ears and she let out a little bark. 
 Scared a few people, but she was fine, and most people laughed.
All went well, and Maximo and Rosie are playing in the back yard.

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