Monday, June 23, 2014

Fish Pouch Crochet Pattern By Moogly

I was looking for a Shopping bag
 I made a few months before we moved.
I emptied a plastic tub of projects on the floor,
of my craft/yarn room,
 and out fell this Fish Pouch.

 I remembered doing a Crochet a Long, 
By could not remember when, or who with.
So I began investigating.

I knew it was a free pattern, 
so I checked the usual sites.
And found  found it on Ravelry.
It was
Crochet A Long

I should have remembered because
her patterns are go cool and 
out of the ordinary.
Then I Looked at the date, April 2013.
That was over a year ago.

Well, it is the cutest little drawstring bag.
I think I'll give it to my Grand daughter.
She has become quite the little fisher girl 
and can put a few treasures in it.
or maybe pack a snack in it,
for those long fishing trips.

I never did find that other bag.
Hopefully it is in another of my 
"project Tubs".

The pattern is a free pattern 
and has a photo tutorial with great pictures.
If you want to make this fun bag,
head on over to the blog,

I think it would also make a 
great Fish Pillow!

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