Friday, June 27, 2014

Harley To The Rescue!!!

What is a Puppy Mill?
(click the link above)
Too Many puppies are born
 in Puppy Mills.
Too many dogs are forced
 to live in
 horrible conditions,
of filth and no human contact.
Never seeing the sun or
playing in the grass.

Harley is Here to Change that! 
I go a lot of people asking about Harley's tie.
Just click this link for the : FREE PATTERN

Meet Harley 
Please, Go Like his Facebook page
Harley was rescued from a Puppy Mill,
with his team
Rescue Dogs from Puppy Mills.

Please, take a few moments
 and read Harley's Story.

Harley and His team work with
National Mill Dog Rescue
"NMDR’s mission is to 
 and RE-HOME 
discarded breeding dogs 
and to educate the general public 
about the cruel realities of the
 commercial dog breeding industry."

This is Harley and His Side Kick, Teddy.
Ready to go on a mission,
 to rescue dogs from Puppy Mills!
Please go to the 
and Donate
 to keep  
Harley and Teddy 
going on their 
missions of saving Dogs.

To keep up with Harley and Teddy's
Rescue Adventures, 
You can like their 
face books pages.

And Spread The Word -
No More Puppy Mills!
Have been following Harley
 for quite a while now. 
And love What He is doing, 
so much that we made a 
"Crochet Harley" of Him in 
his Super Hero Cape.

If you would like to make a Harley Doll
You can find the Pattern here:
Chihuahua Super Hero Doll

If you have any questions,
About Puppy Mills, 
Dog Rescue,
Harley or Teddy, 
feel Free to go to 
the their face book 
pages and they can answer 
any questions you may have.

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