Monday, June 9, 2014

The Official and Not So Official Crochet Terms

Yesterday on my Facebook Fan page
I asked a few questions 
about Crochet Terms.
I found that a lot of people
are not sure about them.

I found a very good list 
of Official Crochet Terms from
This is a complete list of abbreviations 
and explanation of the abbreviations.

But What about the
"Not So Official"Crochet Terms

1. HOTH-
This is not a Star Wars term.
It actually means, "Hot Off The Hook".
A Project or item just completed.
These Dog Toys are HOTH.

2. Frogging - This is not Going Frog catching.
It refers to "ripping" out the yarn, or
 undoing a project that did not come 
out as planned. " Rip it, rip it, Ribbit, Ribbit".

3. Yarn Barf- This is not barfing up yarn.
This refers to when you pull the yarn from the
 center of the skein and a whole wad of yarn
 comes out in a big tangled mess.

4. WIP- This is "Work In Progress". 
Refers to the Project you are working on.

5. "Hooker" - is not a Street Walker.
It refers to those of us who prefer 
using a crochet hook, 
rather then  knitting Needles, 
to make our yarn projects.

Yes, I am a hooker.

6. A "Yarny" - Refers to anyone who loves
Anything  pertaining to, 
produced from, or containing yarn.

7. "Hooker Want a Be's" - Those who want to hook 
but just don't have the skills.

So there you have it. 
All the crochet Terms I know.
Feel free to comment any others 
that you know and
 I will add them to the list.

8. I just leaned a new Crochet Term - 
"PHD" - Refers to "projects half done"! 
I know I have a lot of those!
Now, get out there 
and crochet 
something fun today!

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