Saturday, June 28, 2014

Learning Tunisian Crochet - Dog Collar

I have been learning Tunisian Crochet.
I started by Picking up a few books and 
then I discovered Videos
 By Kim Guzman.
You can find those at this Link:

She also has a lot of 
Free Patterns at this link:

These videos are excellent.
I normally do not like videos, 
I more of a "book in hands" 
Sort of girl.

This is my first Tunisian Crochet project.
This is not really a pattern.
Just an explanation of what 
I did to make Maximo's Collar.

Skill - Easy, (But be sure to watch the 1st video, it will help you.)

Materials :
Reflective Yarn -  Red Heart - Grey (4) Any Worsted Weight yarn can be used
Regular Crochet Hook - J (This is such a small project you can use a regular crochet hook.)
1 decorative button  ( I made this one with polymer clay )
How to make Polymer Clay buttons
Yarn needle to sew on button
Measuring tape to measure your dog's neck.

Stitches :
 Slip Stitch  (sl st)
Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS)

Note: I learned that you need to crochet looser then  normal.
 (My first project wasn't pretty.) If you crochet too tight it will curl up on you.

Okay,  lets get started: 
Step 1- Ch 8, skip the 1st ch,
Step 2 -  Pull up one loop through each ch , do not turn.
Step 3 - Yarn over hook, pull loop through the last loop,
*yarn over hook, pull thorough the next 2 loops,*
Repeat from *to* till there is only 1 loop left on the hook
Step 4 -  Skip the first "bar", *push hook through next bar, yarn over and pull loop through the bar,
 keeping loop on hook,* Repeat *to* across.

Note: I kept dropping stitches, so I learned to count my loops after each pass. 
 Repeat Steps 3 and 4 till desired length,
 add an extra inch for sewing the collar together.
Once the collar is at the desired length, put the ends together and slip stitch closed.

Add a button, bow or what ever you like.

This Collar could easily be stitched in the
 Tunisian Knit Stitch, as well.
This is a great project to do if you want to
 learn Tunisian crochet, 
and don't want to commit to a large project.
Its perfect for slipping on for evening walk at dusk.

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