Saturday, March 14, 2015

Colors Dog Snood Free Knitting Pattern | Posh Pooch Designs

I Love This New Knitting Pattern 
and I Love The colors!
They remind me of color crayons.

Snoods are perfect for when it is 
windy or stormy and you 
want to protect your Dog's ears.
And They are super easy
 to slip on for potty time.

Chihuahuas and Dogs with pointy ears
 are more susceptible to 
ear issues and infections.

I set the snoods down, 
and went to get the camera, 
Rosie jumped up on the steps, 
all ready to model.
Colors Dog Snood Knitting Pattern
 By Sara Sach

Please, add this to your Ravelry Favorites

Skill: Easy

Straight Knitting Needles  - US10 - 6mm
Yarn - Worsted Weight (4) about 2 oz
I used Redheart Super Saver - It's Washable!
             C1 -  Top Ribbing, C2 - Center, Bottom Ribbing - C3
Yarn Needle

Stitches and Terms
Cast On (CO)
Bind Off (BO)
Knit  ( k)
Purl (p)

Gauge - 16 sts X 16 rows = 4 inch Swatch
Finished Measurement - Approx.  10 inches long X 12 inch around
The Snood is very stretchy and fits from Small To medium Dog's necks.

Note - This pattern is worked across, not in rounds.

CO 44 sts of C1
R : 1 - 2k, 2 p  
R : 2 -  9 - Continue rib st for 7 more rows

R : 10 - Change to C2, k all sts
R : 11 - P All sts
R : 12-35 - Repeat R : 10 and R :11
 (Stockinette Stitches through the center of the snood)

This center section measure about 5 inches --
if your dog's neck is longer, add as many rows as needed.

R : 36- 2k, 2 p
R : 37- 44 -  Continue rib st for 9 rows

Put the sides of the Snood, together, wrong side out,
lining up the colors.
With matching color yarns, sew the seam.
Flip right side out and slip it on your pooch
I chose to use 3 colors on each snood.
I Love Bright colors.
But, You can make them all one color
 or even 2 colors.
or how about variegated yarns?
I made these just in time.
It is really windy today!

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