Saturday, March 28, 2015

Which Red Heart Yarn, I can not decide? | Posh Pooch Designs

Here is the Issue.
I just found out these 2 yarns, 
and few more, 
are on there way to 
my house this week.
So, I have decided to design a
 new dog Sweater Pattern
But, I can not decide which yarn to use.

I haven't decided on a "design" yet,
But I am thinking Spring-Summer.

I love icelandic because it has a beautiful
ocean waves sort of vibe to it.

But I absolutely love 
black and pinks together, 
and the shades of the Panther pink. 
I really love using Red Heart Super Saver
 for making and designing 
Dog sweaters and things.
 It is durable, washable and 
comes in so many fun 
colors and variations.

If you want to soften it up, 
just wash your item, 
on gentle with a little fabric softener.
I always sun dry mine, But you can 
put it in the dry if you like.

Which Would you pick and way?

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