Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leg Warmers For Your Dog Free Knitting pattern - 3 sizes | Posh Pooch Designs

Now Maximo can go outside and go potty, 
and keep his legs warm.

He hates the cold and sometimes will 
not go out side. We get a lot of snow,
 and snow drifts,
 And these legwarmers are the perfect 
solution for cold dog legs.
The yarn is
Sock yarn (1)
I really love the striping effect
 this yarn has. 

I designed this yarn in 3 sizes,
X Small, Small and Medium
for Dogs 2-20 lbs
But it is easily adjustable to any size dog.

Legwarmers For Dogs Knitting Pattern
By Sara Sach

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Skill - Easy

Materials -
Knitting Needles - 4,  3.50mm
Yarn - Sock Yarn (1) .5 to 1 oz depending on size
          I used Red heart - Heart and Sole

Stitches -
Cast On (CO)
Bind Off ( BO)
Knit (k)
Purl (p)

Sizes - XS (S, M) 
These sizes are approximates, as all dogs are shaped different.
             X Small- 3.5 x 3.5 inches - 2-7 lb dogs
             Small - 4.5 x 4.5 inches - 8-12 lb dogs
             Medium -5.5 x 5.5 inches - 13-20 lb dogs

 Note- These are very stretchy, and easily stay put on your pets legs.
So do not be afraid to make them smaller then you think.

Pattern - CO 20 ( 24,28)

R : 1 - k2, p2, Repeat across row

R : 2 - k2, p2, Repeat across row( ribbing)

R: 3-20 (24, 28)  Repeat R : 2

R: 21(25,29) BO

Sew Closed the side of the Legwarmer,
with the ribs going vertical.
And That is it!
You are basically making a ribbed Square,
 the sewing the sides together.
They are so fast to whip up, that
you can make a set of 4 in one evening.
They are very stretchy because of the ribbing.
They slide on and off super fast.

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