Saturday, March 7, 2015

What Is "Posh Pooch Designs"? | Posh Pooch Designs

The Theme and Goals of 
 has changed several times 
from it's beginning.
At First it started out simply making
 Dresses and Dog Sweaters, 
 and bandannas to sale in local Shops and pet care stores. 
It was a lot of work and  fun. 
But as people wanted more sweaters,
 I no longer make and sell the sewn Dog Dresses.
And I no longer sale in local shops.

 I sell the sweaters, sweater dresses, hats, 
and various Dog related crochet and knit items,
 online only.
It is still a lot of fun and work, but a lot less stressful.

Fans and friends wanted the Crochet patterns
 to make their own.
So, I began selling my
Crochet Patterns on Ravelry
As people began making my patterns, 
They began to ask for matching hats,  
fun hats and Character hat crochet patterns.

So I added a bunch of hats to the collections.
You can also find these and bunches more
 in my Craftsy Shop.

Then, I decided to Open an Etsy Shop.
 Where you will find Crochet Patterns and 
Custom made items for your pooches.
So you can make it yourself, 
or have me make it for you.
I will custom make anything you want for your 
pooches and cats.

I Have a Growing Collection of
some for Pooches and Some For People.
Which You can find on my blog.

I  have a Growing Collection of 
where you will find patterns
 for pooches and people.

So, What is Posh Pooch Designs?
It is So many things  -
Costumes, Sweaters and hats for pooches.
Crochet Patterns -Knitting Patterns
Custom made Sweaters and hats for pooches,
Cats, Bunnies and more.
And Crochet and knitting patterns for people.
I Love trying new yarns, techniques 
and all things yarny.

You can find us here:

We are  constantly changing,
 growing,and learning 
new things to share.
We would love you to come
 along on our journey!

It is  a fun, exciting and sometimes 
CrAzY trip
That will never end!

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