Thursday, August 20, 2015

Coffee, Crochet and Bonbons Meet Up Group | Posh Pooch Designs

We have started a Meet Up Group called
 Coffee and Crochet, I added the Bonbons!
People say I just sit at home
"Drinking coffee, crocheting and eating bonbons".
They were 2/3rd right.
We are meeting at this new Awesome 
Location of Fika Coffee House.
It is a wonderful place.
Canterberry Parkway and Idyllwilde

 Fika Coffee House to open in Idyllwilde

The Building is quaint and rustic.

This big Fireplace is so cozy, 
it makes you feel 
like your in a lodge in mountains 
or a cabin in the woods.
I look forward to meeting here 
when it gets cold outside, 
so we can crochet in front of the fireplace.

The Coffee is amazing.
 The Staff is friendly.
The bathroom is clean.
And the Coffee is amazing. Oops, 
did I say that already.

Our Coffee and Crochet Group 
meets here on Thursdays
 to talk about crochet, hooks, yarn,
our latest projects and life.
We step away from our "busy lives" for 
a few minutes, relax, Sip coffee, and chat.

Some times we give gifts.
I made these fun coffee mugs.
I used color Sharpies.
Here is the Link for how to make them.
 It is really easy and fun.

Then I put together gift bags 
from some yarn from Red Heart 
and other goodies.

I was given these beautiful 
Mandala cloths from one of our groupies.
She Does Beautiful work!

We  love  our 
"Coffee and Crochet Group".
If you are in the Area 
Come join us Sometime.
Even if it is just for the Coffee,
it is amazing Coffee.
This is my new favorite coffee place. 

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