Thursday, August 6, 2015

I want to tell You about Bloglovin and Why I really think you will like it. | Posh Pooch Designs

I just discovered the most 
amazing site called,
It is a free site where you can add all your
 favorite blogs, and view them all at once!

I had never heard of Bloglovin,
then someone said to me,
"Did you know your blog
 is on Bloglovin?"

No, I did not. 
So I decided I better check it out.

If you are a blogger,
You set up a profile, 
Claim your blog, or add your blog.

You do not need a blog to use Bloglovin'
 If you do not have a blog, 
Set a profile and start finding
 all your favorite blogs.

You can scroll through them 
on your Feed, 
sort of the way facebook feed is.
I think this is amazing to have all 
my favorite Blogs in one place.

Then you can click on any of your 
favorite blogs and it shows 
all their latest blogs. Never miss a Blog post!
This is so great.

And it is not just Crochet 
and knitting Blogs
Fashion, Beauty, Sports, 
Food, decor, any kind
 of Blog you can think of.

You can follow my blog on Bloglovin 
By clicking the Tab on the right, 
or Go to it Through the link:

OH! I downloaded 
the app for my 
phone and Ipad, too!

See you there.

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