Wednesday, August 19, 2015

An Exercise and Fitness Collection of Crochet Patterns | Posh Pooch Designs

Vacation is over, 
Summer is winding down, 
it is time to get back into an 
exercise and fitness routine.
I went back to my Water/ Aqua Aerobics
class today. All the ladies were ooing and
awing saying I looked so good. I have lost 23 lbs
since May. I had not seen these ladies 
in about 6 weeks. I have to say it really 
felt good to have people start to notice that I am
losing weight. I still have a long way to go, but I 
am taking it healthy, slow and steady.

How I am losing weight:
1. NO soda of any kind.
2. LOTS of water - 48 oz a day --not all at once, 
spread out throughout the day
3. NO sugar, No sugar substitutes.  
The only exception is 1 splenda or stevia in my morning coffee.
(Read your labels, there is sugar in lots of foods)
4. Eating mostly proteins, veggies, fruits and whole grains.
5. No frozen or processed foods, 
All Fresh or I have frozen it myself. 
Only real butter, and real foods.
6. I am not counting calories,
 I am not keeping a food journal,
I do not have time for that.
Just trying to eat 6 small healthy meals a day.
7. Low Salt or no salt
 ( it is hidden in lots of food, again, check your labels)

My Next Goal is to get back to being Active. 
I walk my dogs, I do water Aerobics, Yoga, 
Ball work and light weights.
Oh, and my hubby bought me a Bowflex.(woo hoo)

Now for a fun Crochet Pattern Round Up
 to help you get more active.
Just click the name of the Pattern, 
underneath the picture Collage.
It is the link to the free pattern.
(perfect for showering at the gym)
(so no one stashes your bottle)
keep your hair out of your eyes)
(keep the sweat out of your eyes)
(look cute heading to Yoga class)
(my rec. card fits perfectly in this bag)
(you will have the cutest socks in class)
Now we need a
 Water Bottle Cozy -
Free Crochet Pattern
More Water Bottle Cozies
Click Here for these Free CrochetPatterns:
Now get out and
 get moving,
You will feel better
and more creative.
And Have Fun!

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