Monday, August 17, 2015

Product Review - 4 in 1 Crochet Tool | Posh Pooch Designs

Today's Blog is a Product Review of
 The 4 in 1 Crochet Tool by Boye
I have heard a lot of buzz about this new Crochet Tool,
 But could not find one anywhere?

I was going crazy wanting to get my hands on one.
I do not go to Wal-mart very often, and decided to
 give it a try after hearing they might have them.
(I am just not a fan of Wal-marts anymore, 
story is to long to tell).
I found both the 4 in 1 Crochet Tools, the yarn 
I needed and the measuring tape tape.
Happy Camper!
Now to try out those Crochet Tools.
So I really love the style, 4 different hooks on one tool.
It folds up like an army knife. I can take this on a plane,
 in a car or anywhere I want to take my crochet bag, 
which is everywhere!
I did have trouble locating where the hook size was indicated.
It is on the grey area where the hook folds in.
It is very tiny and difficult to read.
Tool 1 has D, F, H, J
 Tool 2 has E, G, I,,K 
I wondered if the hook would stay put as I crocheted.
And it did. it stayed up and worked just fine.
And they have the Boye Style hook that I like best.
I worked up a new design for a Cowl, and as I crocheted,
 the hook was great, but the handle was quite bulky.
I did find the tool to be little big for my hand. 
I have short fingers.
I had to hold the end different then I am used to, 
and it took some time getting used to it.
My thumb kept slipping into the indention, 
which made it feel a little awkward,
but again I have short fingers.
I do not think I will use these for everyday use,
I Love my Clover hooks the best,
 But these are a great tool for travel, 
or just to have in your project bag.

It is a great tool to have around,
for travel and such, and I will definitely
 put these in my travel and project bags.

The Cowl Crochet Pattern pictured above,
Can down be found at this link:

Please remember, 
When I do a product review, it is my own opinion.
And I am not paid for my opinion.

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