Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dog Snoods With Hoods Crochet patterns And Custom Made | Posh Pooch Designs

What is a Snood?
A Snood is basically a cowl with hood.
Easy to slip on and off.
 No buttons, snaps or Velcro to get caught in fur.
And no ties, it stays in place.
 My pooches love them.

The perfect dog item for photos!

I have designed 10 Dog Snood Styles.
You can purchase a Custom made
Dog Snood for your pooch, or even cat,
in any of the styles you see here.
Just click This link:

You can requests any yarn colors, too!

If you are looking for 
The Crochet Patterns -
You can get those here:

The Crochet Patterns include Sizes:
 XS with S 
and M in Parenthesis. XS(S, M) 
XS – 2-5 lb. dogs, S – 6-10 lb. dogs, 
M – 11-15 lb. dogs
The Pattern has many pictures to help you, 
pictures fore measuring your dog to make a custom fit snood.
It uses worsted weight yarn (4)
 and a I crochet Hook.

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