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Live Video With Sara - "How To Price Your Crochet Items | Posh Pooch Designs

Live Video With Sara Of
 Posh Pooch Designs

"Pricing Your Crochet Items".
I get this Questions almost every week,
"It's so confussing, what do I charge for a Hat, 
or a blanket, I crochet?"

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Don't  Over  Think  it!

 Keep it simple - 

Cost of Materials 
$10.00 An Hour
 + Extra Charges
= Price of the item

Materials: Yarn, Buttons, Ribbons, Crochet Pattern, Ect.
 At full price, not the amount it cost after discounts or coupons.
(I do not include the price of the crochet hook, or needles)

Time: How long it takes me to make the item at $10.00 per hour.

My time is very valuable!

Extra Charges: If the item is more difficult, has many pieces
 or is a custom design, I Charge an additional $5.00 - $10.00.

If Special Yarn is requested that costs more then
 what I usually use, that price is added on.

If Special details or items, such as buttons, ribbons, or anything
 is requested that is extra, that price is added on.

Example:  A Dog Sweater May Cost: $40.00
$15.00 Materials +  $20.00 Time + $5.00 Custom Charge
  = $40.00

Don't sale yourself Short, but remember, something
 is only worth what others are willing pay.

Remember To communicate with Your Customers!
For Example if you use a really expensive yarn, make sure
 the customer knows that the yarn they chose is more 
expensive then other yarns.
Or if they have a Custom request, make sure you tell
 them that is  an Additional Charge For a Custom item.

Communication is key to satisfaction,
for you as the seller and for your customers.

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