Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Live With Sara "Have You Lost Your Crojo"? | Posh Pooch Designs

Live  With Sara of
"Have You Lost Your Crojo"?
Sometimes we get bored, frustrated, busy, 
a tragedy happens, or for whatever reason, 
we have lost our "Crojo".

 "We Lose Our Will or Desire To Crochet."
How can we get it back?

"Don't let People change the
loving and caring person you are.
Don't let others, their words or actions
 get you down.
You do You, the best you know how!"

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Here are a Few Tips To Help You Get It back:

1. YARN! - Got into your favorite place to purchase 
yarn, you don't have to buy any, just look, touch 
and squeeze, smell.  I Love just looking down the
 rows and seeing all the  beautiful colors. 
2. Your Crochet Spot - Go to Your happy place, 
 your comfort zone, take a favorite drink,
 like coffee, a few yarn magazines or look through
 Ravelry or Pinterst at all the projects, 
not the Patterns, the projects. 
Maybe something will inspire you to try 
something new.
3. Think of Others - Look Through your stash of 
yarn, and think of someone or a charity you would
 like to make something for donate. I think sometimes
 just getting our thoughts on others can really 
lift our spirits.
4. Donate - Also, While looking through your 
yarn stash, you can donate unused yarn to others. 
Donate to school programs teaching kids to
 crochet, or donate to nursing homes, and 
organizations, or to a friend who may not have the
 money for some new yarn.
We Go through " Lost My Crojo" moments, 
But let's not stay there!

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