Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Live Video Chat With Sara " Calming Your Crochet Fears". | Posh Pooch Designs

Live Video Chat With Sara of
"What are your Biggest Fears
 about learning to Crochet?"

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1. I am Afraid I will make a Mistake?
Yes, you will. We all have and if we are honest, still do,
make mistakes. But let it bother you.
Mistakes are how we learn and improve.
 Remember, "Practice makes perfect."

2. I am scared that I can not figure out the pattern?
You can always ask the designer for help, 
or in many of the Crochet Groups on facebook. 
You can also Google it.
But whatever you do, do not stop trying!

3. What if I picked the wrong Yarn or Crochet Hook?
It's okay, think of it as practice. 
Don't be afraid to start over.
Again, we have all done it.
Anytime you have to "Frog" a project and start over, 
it is a learning experience.

4. What if I picked the wrong colors?
First of all, there are no set colors in crochet.
You do not have to use the colors the designer used.
or even the exact yarn, just as long as it is the same weight.
Use your creativity and use whatever colors you like, 
add stripes or variegated yarns. 

5. What if people make fun of me or my work?
Do not take it personal. Just assume they don't know any better. If they do not crochet, they really do not understand the skill, time and creativity it takes to crochet even the simplest project.
Own it! Crochet is my Super Power!


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