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Live With Sara  of

 March Is National Crochet Month

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How To Celebrate National Crochet Month

1. Learn a new stitch or technique.

2. Crochet with some new yarn you have never tried before.

3. Tackle a Hard Pattern you have been wanting to try.

4. Crochet something for someone as a surprise gift.

5. Crochet in a public place.

Today's Question
"Should we leave out our yarn scraps for the
 birds, for nesting?
No, This is actually dangerous for birds, as well as,
 other animals.

Yarn, string and even hair can become caught around
 birds legs, wings or neck. This can cut off the 
circulation and cause very serious injuries, such of loss of leg or wing, and can lead to death.
Even Hawks and Owls can get caught in yarn left overs.

Also, yarn strings can be swallowed by cats, dogs 
and other animals and become caught in their 
stomachs and intestines and cause very serious
 problems. Sometimes it has to be surgically removed,
 and can cause death.

 We thought we were doing something helpful and good, but No, it's too dangerous.

Let's use them for stuffing toys and pillows
or throw them in the trash. 


What's New This Week 

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 Kindness Is Free,
 Let's Sprinkle it Everywhere!
See Ya next Week!

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