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LIVE WITH SARA "How To Crochet Evenly" | Posh Pooch Designs

with Sara Sach of
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"How To Crochet Evenly"
I made an irregular Swatch, with different stitches for our demonstration.

The pattern says,
"Single Crochet
 Evenly down
 the side of the project?

How Do we Do this?

What I try to do 
is to place my 
Single Crochet
stitches in the stitches, 
not the holes.

If I am Crocheting down the side, and the 
rows are single crochet, I place 1 single crochet
 in the side of each stitch, if it's Half Double Crochet 
or Double Crochet, I try to place 2 single crochet 
 in the side of the stitches.
To avoid getting big holes, try to place those
 single crochet stitches in the stitches, 

not the holes.

Another Technique
 is to Slip Stitch
 across the edge of your project first

Then single Crochet
in the Slip Stitches.

I would normally do 
this all in the same 
color, I used the 
yellow so you could
 see it better.

You will need to keep an eye on it, 
making sure your stitches are not spread 
out or scrunched together.
We want it lay nice and flat with no ripples

 or bunches.

A Questions I received this week,
"What is your goal for your 
Youtube Crochet Channel".

"To be Real, To be Silly, 
To be Honest, and to be Kind."
And make the whole work love Crochet!

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