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The Tie Dye Experiment - Shirts And Yarn | Posh Pooch Designs

The Tie Dye Experiment 
Shirts And Yarn
With Sara Sach of
The Shirts and the Yarn turned out so 
pretty and fun!

What You Need:
A Tie Dye Kit like this one --->>>

Baking Soda

White Vinegar

Large Zip Lock bags

100% Cotton Shirts
100% Cotton Yarn

What's In The Kit:
Plastics Gloves

Rubber bands

10 Squeeze Bottle with the dye
(just add water)

I purchased it at Walmart for about $15.00

With this Kit I dyed 4 Shirts and a Ball of yarn, and I still have a little left.

Okay, let's Get Started:

Soak your shirts or yarn 
in a warm bath with
 a few Table spoons of
 Pure Baking soda.
 This will help the fabric
 or Yarn soak in the dye.

I soaked mine for about
 30 minutes and wrung it out.

White the shirts were soaking I laid out a plastic table cloth.
Put on the plastic Gloves, and 
 Followed the directions for adding water to the dye bottles.

Let's Talk About The Shirts First:
After I wrung out the excess water, and while still damp, 
we decided on a technique for banding the shirts.
There are literally 100's of them. 
Check on Pinterest or Google search.
 This one I folded over and striped it.
Randomly adding the rubber bands.
 This one I tried a spiral method.
 I began adding the different color dyes, 
I added a lot. It was dripping.
When they were ready, I gently sipped them in 
Zip Lock bags. They need to sit, in the sun or warm
 place for about 6 to 8 hours.

Slip them out of the bag and rinse them in Cold water with a Couple of Table Spoons of Vinegar.
The Vinegar helps to set the dye.

Gently remove the bands, some people cut them, 
but I was afraid I would cut the shirts.

Rinse the shirts until the dye stops running and
 the water is clear.
Wring them out and hang them up to dry in sun if possible.

Now, Lets Talk About The Cotton Yarn:
The Method is the same, but not exactly.
Be sure to wrap and band your yarn before the 
Baking Soda Soak or ....
you will get this:
And it is nearly impossible to untangle wet yarn!
The length of the wraps are about my arms length, 
then folded in half.
I did not measure it.

The Rest is basically the same - Dye the yarn. 
 The amount of bands and colors is up to you.
I Did place a row of paper towels under the yarn, 
it seemed to be messier then the shirts. 
And then slip it into a zip lock bag and
 let it rest in the sun or warm place,
 for about 6 to 8 hours.

Slip it out of the bag and rinse them in Cold water with
 a Couple of Table Spoons of Vinegar. 
Gently removes the bands.

Rinse until the dye stops running and the water is clear.
It is so beautiful!

Gently Wring them out 
and hang them up to dry
 in sun if possible.

These projects were
 so fun to make, 
and now I have some 
wonderful yarn
 to play with.

I can not wait to make something with this yarn!

I still have some dye left.
I will be heading to the Yarn store for 
more cotton yarn tomorrow!
How I Tie Dyed Washcloth and Yarn - LINK

Tie Dye Cotton Drawstring Bag - LINK

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