Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Live Video - Yarn Give Away Winner And Crochet Hook Measurements | Posh Pooch Designs

Live Video - Mandala Yarn Give Away Winner, And Crochet Hook Measurements
With Sara Sach of

See The Video on my Youtube

The Winner of the Box of Mandala Yarn is.......

You will have to watch the Video  to Find out.

See The Video on my Youtube
Crochet Channel At This LINK

What is Going on with my Crochet Hooks?

The Letters and numbers are the same
But Measurements are different?
One I hook is 5.25 mm and
 The Other is 5.50 mm
They are made By the same company - Boye

This is a Standard Crochet Hook Chart.

Recently the makers of some of the Crochet Hooks have played a cruel joke on us.
They have changed the measurements.

So What do we Do?

This is were measuring as you go, and watching your tension, are important.

 is your


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Coming next week - September 10 - 14
Fall Crochet A long
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"May Your Stitch count be Right,
May Your Rows Be Even,
And Your Frogs Be none."

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