Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Live With Sara "Keeping The Stripes Smooth When Crocheting In The Round" | Posh Pooch Designs

Live With Sara 
"Keeping the Stripes Smooth
 When Crocheting in the Round" 
Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

How do we keep our stripes even when stitching in the round?
I Love To Stitch in the round for certain projects like
 stuffies and bowls.
 Stitching in the round means there is not joining the
 rounds. This is usually done with Single crochet 
stitches and is a great technique, except when you
 want to add stripes.

So What I do when I finish with one color of yarn, 
I slip stitch in the next 2 stitches and tie off to the back. 
I join in my next color in the 5th or 6th stitch up, 
with a slst, I then begin single crocheting around again.
When I come to where I joined the new colors, 
I just keep right on single crocheting.
See The Video For a Demonstration.

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