Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pop Tab Dog Collar and Matching Bracelet Crochet Pattern

I have had several people asking for this pattern.  It has been in my head, I just needed a little time to get it on paper and collect enough pop tabs!

This Pattern has quite a few pictures
to walk you through the Steps.

Skill: Easy

Materials :

Tape Measure
Sport weight yarn -I choose royal blue
Pop Tabs ( amount depends on your dogs neck size or your wrist size)
12 piece of 1/2 inch ribbon
Hook --  F
Stitches: Single Crochet (sc

Measure your dog's neck, loosely, for a 12 inch collar you will need approximately 23 pop tabs. Wash the pop tabs in soapy water and rinse well, layout on a towel to dry. Make sure there are no sharp edges before you start..

This pattern is made in Steps not rows:

Step 1: Put two tabs together, making sure they are facing the same direction, and with a slip not attach the yarn through both holes, make 2 sc going through both holes of the tabs. if you normally stitch tight, you will want to loosen up a little on this project.

Step 2 : Lay the 3rd tab under the 2nd tab, making sure they are facing the same direction, 2 sc through the 2nd and 3rd tab holes.

Step 3 : Continue to add tabs, stitching 2 sc in each set of holes as you go along, till you reach the length you need for the collar or bracelet.

As you add the tabs, it may curl some, but don't worry, it will work itself out when we stitch down the opposite side.

Step 4 : When you reach the desired length, stitch 5 sc in the end of the last pop tab hole,

Then stitch 2 sc in each set of pop tab holes down the opposite side of the collar or bracelet.

Step 5 : 5 Sc in the last pop tan, then join to the first sc.

Step 6 : sc loosely all around the whole collar and bracelet again, join and tie off.

Step 7 : Lace the Ribbon through the two end holes of the collar or bracelet and tie a bow.

Hope you enjoy this Pattern...I know I did.

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