Friday, March 11, 2011

The Panda Bear Project

My Daughter in law Loves Panda Bears.
My son asked me to make her one. I looked for crochet patterns for pandas on line but they were all small.  I wanted to make her a big panda. Well, you know hat this means...I was going to design a pattern.  I mean how hard can this be. It is a bear, a black and white bear, it is not like I had to make zebra stripes or polka dots! I knew I could do this.
I started with white yarn at the bottom. I wanted it flat so it would sit,
 then working my way up, decreasing .
Then I switched to Black yarn and stitched a nice thick stripe,
 I decided to decrease or shape the top,
then switched back to white and formeda head,
 so The body and head were all one piece. 
When I was ready to close the top of the head,
I stuffed it with fiber fill, then closed the head.
I then made two ears, two eye patches, and a cute snout.
.All free hand!

Next, I made two legs, two arms and a cute little tail..again all free hand,
 I did measure to make sure the legs and arms were the same size.
 I stuffed them and sewed them closed.
Lastly, I began to sew all the pieces together.
 My DIL also loves Cupcakes so I made her bear holding a cupcake,
with a cherry on top, with a matching silk yarn ribbon and flower.

Rosie and Maximo like her, I sure hope my DIL Does too!

She is ginormous!
She measures from Top of head to bottom  - 20 inches!

My DIL loved the panda, but thought
 the eyes were alittle creepy..I did too.
So I reworked the eyes...She looks sweet now.

I had the eye patches up side down! 

And now you are asking..."How can I get one? "
I would be glad to make you one..
Just click on the contact tab and
 I will let you know the details on
ordering a ginormous but cuddly Panda Bear.

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