Monday, March 7, 2011

Colorado Adventure and Dog Friendliness

 Back from our Colorado Adventure--
I love Colorado--The beauty is Breathtaking!

My husband and son had a Business trip to take to Denver, actually Aurora, Colorado. My DIL and I decided to go along for the fun.  So we packed the RV and headed out.  We stayed at the Cherry Creek National park right in Aurora.  It was beautiful, right near town, and it was Dog Friendly!
Our View each morning.

Morning Visitors -Mule Deer

We also
had Geese
 visit us
they are
very messy!
Meet Boogy, he belongs to my hubby and son's Boss. He is sooo Fluffy!
After the Busy Work week was over,
we decided to head to Colorado Springs,
and to The Garden of the Gods.

It is breathtakingly Beautiful! And it is a dog  Friendly place.
You can take your dogs on all the walking and hiking trails.
They even have Doggie oops bags, to help you clean up after your dogs.
 Dogs can go  literally everywhere humans go,
except inside the visitor center.
 There are a lot of breakables in there.

"Kissing Camels"

(OOPS! how did this pic get in here!)

Garden of the Gods,
when we were leaving at Sun set.

Then we went to The Seven Falls
Which is also Dog Friendly.  You can take your dog everywhere,
 except up the gazillion steps to the top of the Falls.
 There is a elevator in a cave,
 which I thought was cool,
you can ride to the top, so can your dogs! 
And again, there were oops bags at
 several different places around the area.

It was all frozen, but the water was still
rushing down the Falls,
 it was spectacular!

I took lots of pictures but tried to only show the high lights.
Let me leave you with two thoughts!

1. Colorado is beautiful!
2. Colorado is Dog Friendly!

I will be back!

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